We are ZuluPilots

Find the best TRI/E-SFI/E near you based on the trust of our tribe

The idea

Zulupilots is born from a simple observation made while spending long hours online, comparing prices & ratings to buy the perfect toaster. Yes, you read it right, a toaster.
How come we can find hundreds of online comparison websites for a toaster costing just a few euros but still have to rely on word of mouth when it comes to choosing our pilots training provider that cost thousands of euros?
That is why we decided to create Zulupilots with a simple goal: digitalising the word of mouth in aviation.

The mission

At Zulupilots, we want to simplify the life of pilots when it comes to their training search.
That is why we have created a simple & secured marketplace where pilots will find the best TRI/TRE - SFI/SFE near them for their LPC Revalidation, Airline Simulator Assessment Preparaiton & Refresher Training.

‘Go straight to a TRI/E - SFI/E & stay current
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Who we are

Zulupilots was born from the vision of two entrepreneurs that have strong ties with both aviation and travel sectors.
Victor spent several years at Airbus, Safran & Embraer in various part of the globe and is an aviation enthusiast. He found his tech buddy Ismail, an experienced software engineer who worked at Amadeus, the biggest IT provider for the global travel and tourism industry.
Together, they created Zulupilots with an ambitious goal: digitalising the word of mouth in the aviation industry.

CEO | co-founder
CTO | co-founder

Our experience


Our partners


Yocova, the digital & innovation platform from Rolls-Royce

Our values

Simplicity • Transparency • Trust

Our roadmap

After launching the beta version in June 2021, an expansion to APAC & Americas is planned on September 2021, then the platform can be open to general aviation & mechanics in November 2021.

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