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Role: Captain
Available in: Belgium France United Kingdom Italy Netherlands Portugal
Provides training on: B767 B757 B777 B787
I flew on VARIG Brazilian Airlines for 20 Years (B737 all, 747/757/767 and DC-10), TRI/TRE on B737 and B757/767.
From 2006/2014 on Euroatlantic in Portugal B757/767/777, TRI/TRE and Fleet Manager on B757/767 for 7 years.
From 2014/2019 as a Captain and Instructor of B 777-200/300ER.
Currently I am TRI/TRE on B757/767/777/787 and Nominated Crew Training Manager on Euroatlantic Airways.
Trainings offered
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Current type rating(s): B757 B767 B777 B787
Total flight hours: 22500
Favorite airport: POA | Salgado Filho Airport
Experience in airlines: YU | EuroAtlantic Airways DT | TAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola (Angola Airlines)

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