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Role: Captain
Available in: United Kingdom
Provides training on: B737 A320 A330 B777 B787
Over the last 18 months I have made it my mission to support the pilot community with sim services and free online resources @737simguide on Youtube and Instagram. My goal is to create a friendly, relaxed and professional learning environment to enable you to perform at your very best. My priority is to meet your needs and help you to achieve your goals and help you return to the flight deck or get your first airline job.

Covid has been a brutal time not just for our industry but for travel as a whole and pilots have been through a significant period of suffering both mentally and financially. This has placed huge pressure and burdens on families and home life as well as our identities and roles of being a pilot.

You may have been forced into another job, falling back on an old profession, on lower pay in order to cover the bills. Now it is time to get you back to the flight deck and return to the office with unrivalled views of rivers and mountains. The path back will require hard work, dedication and commitment. You will need to dust off the cobwebs, brush up and rebuild your confidence to ace your next sim check or valuable sim assessment. I understand the stress this has caused and believe in teaching with empathy and a student focus to help you perform at your best.

I am able to conduct Renewals/Revalidations, Instructor and Examiner AoC along with TRI and TRE standardisation courses.
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Current type rating(s): B737
Total flight hours: Undefined
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